How to got windows 7 key?

If your Windows product key isn’t valid, if you don’t have a Windows product key, or if you’ve lost the product key that came with Windows, you’ll need to buy a new one to activate Windows.

To obtain a new genuine Windows 7 product key, you’ll need to buy an additional copy of the same edition of Windows 7, which contains a product key that you can use. For more information about how to get Windows 7 in your country or region, go to the Shop webpage. You can also purchase Windows 7 at retail locations.

See this photo to got windows key here:
Windows 7 Ultimate key: 236TW-X778T-8MV9F-937GT-QVKBB
Windows 7 Professional key: HWRFF-2FFYX-XFXP2-DYFC3-BX3B7
Windows 7 Home Premium:   P4DBR-8YPT6-KHRB8-6T7RW-GMXGV
Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1:  RHTBY-VWY6D-QJRJ9-JGQ3X-Q2289


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